Environmentally Friendly

To ensure the perfect finish on your vehicle, our paint of choice is Sikkens Paint products by Akzo-Nobel, the worlds largest manufacturer of coatings. Along with Akzo-Nobel, we believe that being a responsible steward of our planet goes hand in hand with being technologically innovative. This is why we are now using Sikkens Autowave, which has proven to be the best waterborne paint system on the market. We have over 30,000 active mixing formulas on site to be mixed, ensuring that your repair just isn't close to factory color, but will be an invisible repair.

What is "waterborne" paint?

Simply put, solvent based coatings use chemical compounds for thinning pigment solids. This method releases Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) into the atmosphere. Waterborne coatings use water as the primary solvent which greatly reduces VOC emmisions.